Welcome to our website. We have photos yet to add from past travels and activities and we hope to have many more from future trips. In a word, this site will be under development for quite a while (hopefully indefinitely). The images are pretty much inclusive. Rather than just a select few, we have posted most of the images we have taken so that we can revisit our trips as well as share with our friends. We haven't limited the site to just the best photos, per se, which is what one would expect to see on a professional site - this is a "for fun" site. Anyway, Frank is the photographer and Wendy is the editor/artistic director/back seat driver much of the time. We are a Nikon family (D4s, D500 & D750). We welcome visitors to our site and hope you enjoy the images as much as we enjoyed taking them. We welcome you to return occasionally (or even frequently) to discover recent posts.

Please be aware that you can use the slideshow mode to view the images.

P.S. I take photos for Winter Park Presbyterian Church and have for several years. They may be found at